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Videogames are a place for learning. They are the definition of literacy in the 21st century; in the 21st century interaction and learning are the main points of being literate in this day and age. Videogames are really a great way to learn multitudes of information ranging from history to math to english. These subjects all come together to create a game in which teaches fundumentals of the world around them. At first videogames were simply there for entertainment with the birth of the atari, but really ever since then they were being used in some businesses to teach traits needed for the business. Now the games have evovled to involve more and more reading along with the interaction. The issue that most people would see about videogames being a tool for literacy is that they are only meant for entertainment. Another issue may be that they don’t teach the right things to children.

There’s really only one question. How can this not be a tool for literacy as we move deeper and deeper into this digital age?


8 Myths All Gamers Know

So gamers realize that the reality of the gamerverse is skewed by what so called “experts” think. They say that videogames cause violence, they’re mainly for guys, they’re just for the younger audience. Videogames really are the opposite in fact. It takes just one person to say so though.

Read The Video Game Revolution. This really speaks to me as a gamer, and has increased the thought that videogames are here not to influence us, but to share with the world what the creators have worked on for so long for others to enjoy.

Calling all Gamers

I Am, Therefore I Game.

This blog speaks to everyone. We really are all gamers. since it has been around longer than pretty much everything. We all play games therefor we are all gamers. It’s not just the nerd that sits in the basement playing videogames or Dungeons and Dragons all the time. It’s me and it’s you who are the gamers of the world. The overall transition of evolution in gaming has grown with the rise in technology. Amazing how we all are something that only a select few of us seem to call ourselves now these days.

here is a visual representation of the entire evolutionClick here to see the video of the evolution.

So watching a video I think everyone would love I had a few thoughts. Before I share them, please enjoy this video.


So yes you may be wondering what I could say, and your more than likely right about what it is that I am about to say.

Why in the world would and human being or group of human beings want to do this for a living?! It is quite possibly is one of the grossest things I’ve seen. On the other hand however, in the back of my mind I thought that the chicken burger merger burger would probably taste good. Epicmealtime people however seem to be on the brink of making themselves die from over indulgence. What could they possibly be thinking? I think that they should potentially give back to others (the homeless, those starving, children without food, and quite possibly a whole town of people). Between the 4 or so of them they eat more food in one meal than any of us would consume in a day. The calorie intake is off the charts and the likelihood for diseases generated by the high consumption of calories greatly increases. Well this is America and they will continue to produce the videos because (a) we enjoy watching the videos for some odd reason, and (b) they are making BANK from the amount of views and ads that they have on their page and videos.

At a first glance I felt as though Why Blog, written by Alex Reid, was about making yourself a better blogger, but then I realized that it truly is about being a better writer as a whole. This paper was truly written to inspire us to do thought provoking works based off of the thoughts we using inside our blogs. Blogs are a foundation for our interests and thoughts when writing a paper, much like the ground is meant to help keep a house sturdy.

Is blogging merely a place where we just write about what we think and our interests to help formulate a paper, or should we blog because it is a tool to voice an opinion? To be completely honest I have virtually no idea. Blogging is a place merely to expand the ability to write, and what you want to use the skills gained from blogging is for anyone to choose.

Just like Uncle Ben from Spiderman said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

You can download Why Blog here.

Writing in Unfamiliar Territory

In Why I Blog, written by Andrew Sullivan, Sullivan talks about how the web log, known as blog, is a place where journalists find freedom, but also find people who talk against them. In this novel of writing that the author may compromise, the protagonist (the author) must write a piece that allows them to embrace the antagonists (the commentors). Sullivan demonstrates the changing effects on the blog and how freeing it is because it gives a more relaxed feeling of writing, allowing the author to be less professional and formal and more casual and informal. The simple recollection of ideas a writer has is simply scattered and placed on the blog in a moment of what is happening NOW. Most writers gather their thoughts for an essay because it must look presentable, with little to no errors, and isn’t really subject to provide a plain for conversation, but with a blog the sense of now is there and is just a live streaming of thoughts onto the plain of the blog.

Watch to 2:26 in this trailer of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

In this trailer you can see the change of going from being old to young with Benjamin and being young to old with Daisy. Benjamin is a lot like a blog because he goes from old age to a younger age and becoming much more free and open to the world just like with blogging; blogging frees writing up so that the world is involved with the story and not just with the reading of it. Daisy is like an essay where she grows up being started in a certain direction by her family living in an way where she  doesn’t like to be swayed by the unfamiliar; formal essay writing is simply too structured and constricting and keeps us from wanting to go out and do more with nothing.

Maybe blogging is meant to help those who want a more free form of writing to allow their thoughts and ideas to be published to the world. Blogging is meant to help our creative mind and be less constricted by structures made by man over time.

You can readWhy I Blog here by clicking the post.

Videogames and James Paul Gee

After getting bored and what not, I happened to stumble across some interesting articles by a man named James  Paul Gee. He researches the effects videogames have, and what they can do for learning.


Look more into it here:

Laws of Composing

Much like music has changed in its composition, writing has also. After reading Kathleen Blake Yancey’s Writing in the 21st century, my thoughts on how we viewed writing was reinforced. Writing in this century we live in really is through different mediums created with growth in technology. Writing, or composing, is an art in which we as people can communicate thoughts to each other. The beauty of it all now is that it is soooo much easier to give out our thoughts with all of the social networks available.

Yancey was clearly in touch with what we are able to use and what is available to all of us now. This is because she used examples of what teenagers, people my age, have been using. Facebook with all of its changes can help us to model what new tools of compositions we can do. The new tools we have are incredible and allow us to change and model everything in completely new ways.